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·         Through this update the authors reiterate the key themes for flood risk management and resilience to future flooding that have been the mainstay of reviews, reports and research since: the responsiveness of local and national government; the efficacy of flood warnings and national forecasting services; the tensions between private and public accountability; and the deep reserves of national good-heartedness that feature large in times of crisis.  In doing so, questions pertinent to the flood risk managers of today are posed:

·Are we really better prepared or does serendipity still dictate the extent of harm from coastal flooding?
·Have we genuinely learnt lessons?

As one of the few sociological accounts of the impacts on flood victims, North Sea Surge has often been cited by research scientists, in government reports and the press.  Now in a second edition, the author’s family update the unforgettable story of the East Coast Floods.


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North Sea Surge Publication

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